Merger and Acquisition Advisors
Meet The Team

We’ve built a collaborative team of experienced deal makers, business owners and executives who have first hand experience with many of the same challenges faced by our clients.  And we understand that every business situation is different so we tailor our services and fees to meet the specific needs of our clients.  While we do follow proven processes for research and outreach, we don’t believe that there a single solution that fits every client’s needs.  To best serve each client, we strive to collaborate on each engagement with 2 or more advisors involved with every project.  Read more about each member of our team…

What We Do

The Hatteras Group is a collaborative team of professional intermediaries and advisors, leading business owners and entrepreneurs as they navigate the complex and often emotional process of selling or buying a business.  In addition to matching up buyers and sellers and working to close on deals, we offer business valuations, growth consulting and sourcing of related debt and/or equity financing.  Read more…

Summary of Engagements

We are constantly working on a variety of deals with each and a different stage, so it’s difficult to provide a comprehensive list of available opportunities.  We do work to maintain a list of “on market” opportunities with our buyer and seller clients, follow this link to see those but feel free to reach out to discuss your specific needs, goals and interest as we have many other contacts in our network but not officially engaged.  Read more here…

Contact Us

We are available to help you buy, grow and eventually sale your business.  Reach out to schedule a consultation if you need a valuation of your business, capital for growth or consulting to help increase the value of your business and prepare it for sale or succession.  We may be reached by phone, email and in-person. Click Here for our contact information.

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