There are multiple challenges to a business owner or entrepreneur to find a business for acquisition.   It starts with a highly inefficient marketplace where owners who might consider selling don’t want anyone to know, confidentiality is their #1 concern.  “Going to Market” requires vulnerability and exposure that most business owners would avoid like a flu shot.   As a result, it is estimated that less than 20% of the businesses that would consider selling their business actually put the business “on the market”.
After hearing the frustrating stories of so many highly qualified buyers we developed a process to identify that other 80% of the market.  We target that business owner who is ready to retire or has other proper motivation to sell, and when approached by a professional advisor with a named, retained and qualified buyer we create proprietary deal flow for our clients.  We position our buyer client as the only one at the table, creating relationships, avoiding auctions and increasing the probability of a completed transaction.