What’s too big to be small yet too small to be big?  A business in the lower-middle market, a ‘tweener you might call it.  We work to service that under-served market at what is often referred to in the industry as the “Lower End of the Middle Market”.  It is loosely defined as companies with annual revenues of $5 million to $50 million.  Most business owners and CEOs in this market will eventually seek advice in regards to buying or selling a business.  But they are too small to attract the attention of Investment Bankers and may be too large or complex to be sold by a business broker.  In addition, those executives may not have a lot of experience finding and evaluating strategic options, and with limited time available from their team they appreciate the value in outsourcing special services.   As advisors to this market we can supplement the owner and management team to efficiently identify and develop strategic options, offering more time and attention to the deal than a typical investment bank with more knowledge and experience than a typical business broker.  Those options typically include a complete or partial sale of the business, synergistic acquisitions, Private Equity investments or financing opportunities..  To get the best service from any advisor, be sure to match their experience and resources with the needs and goals of your management team.